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Marco Arte

Marco Arte

Wall rail

With this system you can quickly and easily install the rail on the wall. You only need to have a ladder to work more comfortably, and a drill. The various accessories to these rails may be found in the section called "accessories".
There are several types of wall rail as you can see below.

Simple wall rail

Is the simpler rail, but at the same time highly functional for home. Available in white or aluminum lined, and with two different lengths: 2 and 3 meters. The rail is fixed to the wall in three simple steps. Their resistance is up to 20 kg per meter.

Pro wall rail 

This rail is characterized by its increased resistance, being as above, both in its ease of placement, as in combinations of sizes, except that it has a different model with a primer, which, for example, can paint of the same wall color. Their resistance is up to 50 kg per meter.

J wall rail

The J wall rail is mainly used in galleries and exhibitions, but can also be used for a modern interior space. Decorative objects can be exchanged easily through the J-shaped end of the rod. Up to 20 kg per meter.

J Pro wall rail

The J Pro wall rail is used in galleries and exhibitions too, but also can be used for a modern interior space. The difference is its resistance, as it supports weights up to 100 kg per meter.



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