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Marco Arte

Marco Arte

Own lighting electrical rail

We have two models of electrical wall rails with its own lighting:

Simple electrical wall rail

It is a patented system with a special design with which you can hang and illuminate ypur decorative objects. Elegant lamps can be easily placed in the desired location of the rail.

Up to 40 kg per meter.

Pro electric wall rail

This wall rail provides with a neutral design, attractive and adaptable to any space current and decoration. It also lets you illuminate objects in an efficient way by means of mobile and flexible lamps. Your decorative objects get an aditional value through the dim light that is emitted from the lamps of the wall rail.

The assembly and the installation of the Pro electric wall rail is very easy and can be done in three simple steps without problems.

Up to 50 kg per meter.



Socorro street, 2 - 15003 A Corunna. Telephone: 0034659017907.

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