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Marco Arte

Marco Arte


Here some of the pictures that we have at the store at your disposal. If you are looking for some specific, feel free to ask.

- Fernando Alvarez de Sotomayor, unique folders for 10 sheets composed ​​sketches and drawings with great print quality. Influenced by the vigorous Dutch naturalism Sotomayor gives his figures the heavy structural differences that give light and shade, the color transitions and the characteristic dark palette.

- Map of the Jacobean Route, in particular the French Way. The original is a document dated 1648, and the success is such that the map is for sale in national museums and, on the basis of their presence in such places, guides and magazines reproduce it infinitely without giving the real source.

New Products

- Photographs of  the Hercules Tower. We have three different models and, if desired, already framed. You can view images in this section.


Socorro street, 2 - 15003 A Corunna. Telephone: 0034659017907.

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