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Marco Arte

Marco Arte

Vicente Roura

Born in A Coruña an early May 1960, he discovered the brushes in the seventies, on his own.

And as he tells us in his blog: "... then when I joined the School of Arts and Crafts, I found materials and methods, and I realized how expensive it could be to continue painting. And without ceasing to do it any moment, I had to make painting compatible with all type and different jobs, which not always had direct relation with the painting. I think the first time I have painted something in public was the keel of a yacht. It was propriety of a French people, and I assure you it is better not to party the day before. I worked in the showcase world for a considerable number of years, a lot, which allowed me to use many different materials and multiple supports and, of course, I get fed up with certain shopkeepers. Then I ventured into the world of volume, and I approached to art direction, theater and of course at scenographies, animated films ... and also ... and also this ... and that ... and also that ... and finally back again to graphic design, and, of course, to continue painting, and with a more personal style. Of course ... I did not Fine Arts.
For now, here I am ... daily painting ... or not, it depends, sometimes surrounded by fog, between small animals that are colleagues, colleagues who love small animalls, various herbs ... lettuce and cabbage, tomatoes and carrots ... a whimsical donkey, a crazy dog, a retired female dog and a cat with dissipated life. So, I returned to where I had never been to become a sort of salad ideas, where I really feel, ...  Myself! .... Well, that ... "


Socorro street, 2 - 15003 A Corunna. Telephone: 0034659017907.

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