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Marco Arte

Marco Arte

Prints, serigraphs, lithographs, etc..

 Graphic work of various artists, and that we have right now at the store such as:

- Álvaro de la Iglesia Caruncho. "El baile", silkscreen on paper, print run of 150 copies, numbered and signed. and "Boats". Silkscreen on paper, numbered and signed. Print run of 75 copies. This was the last that has published this great painter

- Jorge Cabezas Tomé. Several moldels of silkscreens on paper. Signed and numbered.

- Julio Sanjurjo Aler. Three different color silkscreens on paper. Signed and numbered.

- Inés González Soria. Engraving in two colors.

- Jose Luis Peña Romay. A print from the series "A Corunna Galleries" and another linoleum "Maritime Promenade", of A Corunna.

If any of these works you are interested, ask without hesitation, because for that we are.


Mim-Arte offer in several pieces of art. Please, ask us !!


Socorro street, 2 - 15003 A Corunna. Telephone: 0034659017907.

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